Need SketchUp Pro at your university?

If you’re a school needing a networked lab license or a university-wide license solution, you’re in the right place.

Find the right plan for your university

Volume licensing options are available for higher education.

License type Floating network licenses for installation on desktop computers in higher education computer labs. Device licenses for installation on individual student and teacher laptops, for use on and off school network.
Cost US $15/seat, minimum 10 seats

Starting at US $39 per license, minimum 10 licenses

Volume discounts available up to 50% of the base purchase price

1000+ licenses capped at US $19,500

License term

1 year from date of purchase

1 year from date of purchase


The license file used by Networked Lab Licenses is managed in the cloud. Labs will need to have an internet connection to authorize and use SketchUp.

A school must purchase the number of seats equal to the number of users.

A single license code is provided. Each time a license is installed on a student or teacher's laptop, that laptop is node-locked and one license is removed from the total pool of available licenses.

Laptops need to be internet connected when authorizing and installing SketchUp. Laptops can be offline during use of SketchUp.

Available to accredited education institutions for use in instructional settings. Cannot be used for commercial (for-profit) work of any kind.

Educational institutions who would like to use SketchUp Pro for any purpose other than teaching students do not qualify for educational pricing and would need to purchase a commercial license from Trimble SketchUp. Research and Facilities/Planning departments within educational institutions do not qualify.

Focus on Design

SketchUp is an easy to learn, yet powerful tool that allows your students to get up to speed quickly so they can focus on creating great designs. After all, great designers are what you’re fostering, so send them into the professional world armed with a tool that’s a standard across design industries.

Teach design, not software

Students can learn quickly by watching our beginner, intermediate, and expert video tutorials.
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Get support for everything SketchUp

Our help center is a fully-loaded 3D modeling encyclopedia so you can dig deeper into everything from SketchUp tools and extensions to licensing installation and authorization solutions.
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Ask a question or get quick advice in the SketchUp Forums

You are not alone teaching SketchUp. Ask our vast community of experts who want to help answer questions, compare notes, or share curriculum.
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Focus on Design

Ahead of the pack

Students today will face a more competitive job market than ever. At SketchUp, we pride ourselves as being one of the most widely used 3D softwares on the market. We got here by getting out of the way of our users so they could create great designs. And, we’re committed to playing well with others, so SketchUp always remains part of the design conversation.

Promote Design Leadership

See how one school is harnessing the power of SketchUp to push the boundaries of their classroom and making their designs come to life, literally.
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Push Your Curriculum Forward

Access materials created by a community of SketchUp authors that allow you to easily teach great design concepts, not just software.
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There are hundreds of extensions that allow your students to explore new frontiers with their designs.
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